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"Woodruff was a founding member of Spiral, a group of over a dozen African-American artists who joined together in New York City in 1962 to explore their common cultural experiences as black artists. He proposed the name to suggest the group's need to reach out into broader circles. Woodruff was promoted to professor of education at New York University in 1957, and in 1967, the university honored him with a retrospective exhibition of his paintings. During that time (1966), He showed slides of his Amistad murals in Sierra Leone to descendants of the mutineers who made African and American history."

Amistad Mural
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"View of Atlanta" Woodcut
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"The Lynching" Woodcut

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text was taken from http://www.aaregistry.com/african_american_history/1101/Five_decades_of_greatness_Hale_Woodruff


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