~ Dipstk on tour now!!

the band of the future...

Chicago, Illinois, United States (2005 – present)

Dipstk are a 80's inspired American metal band formed in 2005 in Chicago when drummer Rick Legions posted an advertisement in Rocket Magazine. Dipstk’s line-up originally consisted of Legions, rhythm guitarist Filthy Freddie and vocalist Nick Thunder, and lead guitarist Rick Kirkland. Kirkland was later fired due to problems with alcoholism and drug addiction - he went on to form the band Tuff Money. Killjoy guitarist Kitt Ranger took his place. Dipstk has been through a few bassists, including, Cliff Bellows , and James Sawyer. The current bassist is Brett Haus, who joined in 2009.

Nick Thunder ~Vocals
Kitt Ranger ~Lead Guitar
Filthy Freddie ~Rhythm Guitar
Brett Haus ~Bassist
Rick Legions ~Drums

Dirty Doug ~Tour Bus Driver
Rex Roadie ~Roadie

"les lipstick more dipstk" Detail

"les lipstick more dipstk" Detail

"les lipstick more dipstk"

G&G Context

G&G Context

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~Moleskine Drawings for this week...Check out the new blog!

..if you enjoy drawing as much as i do, you definitely should check out a new drawing blog im involved with...5 very talented friends and myself post weekly drawings, doodles and what not...this week marks our first month anniversary, all i can say is that im ecstatic with the results...contrasting styles, quality and ideas all meet at Broken Arts Club blog...

anthony lewellans contribution this week...


as always...
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~Cody Hudson...New website coming soon....

Ive been a big fan and following this guys work for awhile now...his simple stated shapes and color patterns combined with strong graphics and humor make for some amazing art....

..altho i really dont care for empty drug references... the rest of these shirts are must haves...


...the only thing i wanna Cook,Cut,Measure,Bag and Sell is Wheat bread...=)

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~"Church" ...Golden Style.

more paste ups and funny bizness... HERE

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~New painting, and a cpl sneak peek pics of a new drawing...Happy 300th post!

(spray enamel and acrylic on paper...)

spray enamel and acrylic on paper...

(after nearly 2 months and 17-18 hours worth of work)

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~Resession Sale...brooksbgolden@yahoo.com ..if interested

acrylic and spray enamel on cut wood...

reasonably priced for your convenience...buy these now!

50-150 dollar range

oil paints on stretched canvas...

reasonably priced for your convenience...buy these now!

25- 50 dollar range

..deinately could use the room in the studio and obviously the extra cash around the upcoming holiday...

Let me hear ya...

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~Daytime Action...Jackson!

got to paint for a few hours today out in Humboldt Park...
im satisfied...and i love painting a truck....

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~My mags from Brasil finally arrived and some Love from Grime Time Chicago....

(my copies in the flesh)

..the lower left magazine is a local zine showin mad love ...thanks grime time!

(original post here)

A couple months back i was the featured artist in the Magma section of the Brazilian Arts and Culture magazine Void....One of my Bat portraits was featured along with my website info...Thanks Andres

(the screen shot) click for larger image!

...oh yeah everything in Portuguese, so good luck with that...=)

Void Magazine

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~Principality of Buz Blurr

(photo by MARTHA COOPER )

"Icons, in essence, are symbols: people who singlehandedly represent a culture or idea larger than themselves. “Monikers” are not so different—icons all the same, but symbols that represent people, primarily those living and working on and along American railroads. A moniker, simply put, is a signature and simplistic line drawing designed for quick, repetitive application on boxcars—a representation of the artist’s presence. Often thought of as hobo drawings, monikers are primarily the work of railroad employees who express themselves on the sides of freight cars while they work. With the growing popularity of traditional graffiti and street art, this “boxcar art” has experienced a rebirth within America’s youth."...

read more HERE

more buz blurr images HERE

lots of other hobo monikers and info HERE

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