~ lets start the new year right!!! 'Hair' we go!!!

Be (G)olden

~DIPSTK's First "gig" , Milwaukee Wisconsin, February 12th!!

See the first "gig" of the Art band DIPSTK!!!

So, the basic idea is this... the idea that i would create a fictional band called DIPSTK, based solely on our love for 80s metal and skateboarding...So there is NO real band but REAL art and passion for this project....come see our first "gig"...=p

Featuring the artworks of Chicago's' own Brooks Golden ...Including a paper art wall installation, hanging arts and a merch table selling prints as well as DIPSTK'S first issue of their ever-popular Rocket Mega-Zine

~~~Dipstk's Art Show/ World Tour Begins in Milwaukee WI...February 12th , Jackpot Gallery, 6pm til close

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For info about traveling to milwaukee...email us at beadipstk@yahoo.com

thanks for all the support and positivity we've received so far...see ya there!

Be Golden ~~~Two Thousand Zen!

~moleskine minute!

Be Golden


~Now Selling Prints w/ my friends at BOPZINK.COM

name: Brooks Blair Golden
aliases: Bee Gee, Brooksy, Sevee, Flo Maxx, and Paisley Black
hometown: Brew City
currently residing in: Chicago, The 'Go!
loves to: Draw on things.
really bad at: Everything else...

(American, b. 1974) Through using character-based drawing and painting practices, I find artistic interest in exploring the commonalities of certain connective aspects of American,Asian and African cultures. Specifically, I am exploring our distinct American footprint by using a combination of folk,tribal-based and other visual symbolism to make idealistic parallels and promote a sense of humor and allegory in my work. My biggest influences include American Folk Art/Tales, Hollywood Horror Imagery, American Punk Rock of the late 1970's and Hip Hop of the early 1980's. I currently work and live in Chicago, and I am very open to all aspects of collaborative work with fellow artist as well as other community-based arts.


...check us out here bopzink.com

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~New Moleskine Bits and Bobs...

see ya inna week...

Be Golden

~Drawn 2 Pilsen #2...Draw Whatcha' Like...

The Drawn2 Project events are a chance for artists to get together, draw and share with the public.

This is how it works:
As a guest artist you come to the gallery with your drawing materials. You then set up however you like and draw whatever you like. If you want to sell, you post it on the gallery's walls.
As a guest you come to the gallery, watch artists create, talk to people, have a drink or two and have a good time.



Alejandro Ayala
Czr Prz
Peter Kepha
Brooks Golden
Exhaust One
and others...

Anyone is welcome to participate but table space is reserved for guest artists first. After that is first come, first served.

please come out and show yer support....

Be Golden

~Form Figure Drawing Classes Thursdays...

Hosted by keith Brownlee and Chicago original, the dope old schooler Slang Tyrue.

$20 bucks, bring yer materials and yer imaginations....

Be Golden

~The Brookeship has sailed....

...to Frankfurt, Germany recently with its new owner who is presenting it as a wedding present to his about to be wife!

A work on paper done with fine point red felt tip pen, "Brookesship" is a story of the "lives that might have been" and a desire to document his feelings about the infamous "Middle Passage" slave trading and also his interpretation of the "slaves overboard" scene from the movie "Amistad".

Named after the ship "Brookes" (also thought to be spelled Brooks"), and in reality, the artists name (and the English side of his family), you can imagine the passion placed in this piece measuring 20"w x 24" h.

The purchaser's fiancee, who i also got to meet, just happens to be in the US to get her Ph.d.... in "forced labor". You can imagine her excitement as she saw "Brookesship".

More of Brooks B. Golden's red felt tip pen on paper works can be found at the Gallery and HERE

special thanks to Sapere Art for their support!

Be Golden