~More sketchbook bits....

and lastly...

have a great new years... see yall on the other side....so fresh, so clean clean

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~Holy Moley...its been a slow week...

its been a slow week......for drawing.

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~Photo/Image blog 5 ...Peek A Boo!

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..this work done with lots of rollers and i presume spray paint, easily represents some of the most ambitious graffiti ive ever seen...the game has been leveled...



Go Explore the website...and go big or go home...=)

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~More archiving the work of my fave graff writer Revs

"Even if you’re not a graffiti aficionado or never walked around the East Village before Tompkins Square Park had perimeter fences, chances are you’ve heard of REVS. He is, by far, one of NYC’s most talented, storied, and legendary graffiti writers to ever walk the streets. Between his tags, tunnel pages, massive rollers, sculptures, and of course his notoriously effective wheatpaste campaign in the early 90s with fellow “anti-artist” Adam COST, dude has ups!"

read more here... Revs Paper Trail

..guess who's lucky enough to own an original wheatpaste from 1994(in nearly perfect condition)=)

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~sketch book stuffs and a new batch of studio goodies...

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All the new studio works will be inspired by my love affair with metal, skate punk and other 80's sub-cultures...

heres the things that keep me up at night...

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