~The Dangling Douche Bag aka David Blaine

or the The Human Dingleberry according to triumph the insult comic dog..


be golden


~Garbage Pail Kids and Me..drawings from 1985-86

i recently found these drawings that i was filing away.
i have a few of the drawings ive done in the 80s, i wish i had more of them...
im positive that there was at least one more of these, but, i cant locate the bugger.

well, enjoy these (with thee actual gpk cards i still own today)

..click the drawings for bigger images...

live life
have fun
be golden


~We Need each Other...Oh No Doom Exquisite Corpse

Ive created two new works for this showing, and im hoping to see you all there...

(click image to see the artist roster in a bigger size)

Over 8 months in the making, OhNo!Doom is proud to present our latest and greatest event! This show features the largest 'Exquisite Corpse' composition ever attempted, consisting of the amazing art work of 40 top Chicago Artists, we are finally ready to bring this corpse to life!

The final installation consists of 80, 1 foot by 1 foot panels, which brings the piece to 16 feet long by 5 feet high. Concepted and Curated by OhNo!Doom, Chicago.

If you are in Chicago you should be here on October 11th, 2008.

Thanks again to all the artists, and everyone else, for your support and dedication to this epic event. We are sooper excited to show the world just how sick Chicago's
urban art scene is, and what we are capable of doing when we ' Come Together'

+ Brooks Golden and the OhNo!Doom Crew