~i did a little Interview for Pod Collective Blog..

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Thanks to Josh Lucas for the inquiry and the props...

...read the entire 5 sec interview POD COLLECTIVE BLOG

as always...
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~Brian Dettmer @ Packer Schopf!!!

Go see this exhibition now, this guys work is insane.
...insanely good!


Altered Books and Altered Media
Packer Schopf Gallery
942 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL 60608

April 3rd - may 9th

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~Toms Shoes and Oh No Doom Presents...

ill be here live painting a canvas Toms bag and displaying my customized shoe. All on Sat the 25th..1pm-6pm

I am very excited and pleased to announce that the TOMS Shoes Vagabond Event is coming up in just a few weeks. At this event you'll be able to purchase TOMS Shoes from the touring TOMS Vagabonds that are traveling the country.

If you are still unsure what TOMS is all about let me explain. TOMS Shoes is company started by Blake Mycoskie who upon visiting Argentina realized that many children were living without shoes and since their primary mode of transportation is walking, many of them were getting cuts and scrapes that were susceptible to infection, even parasites. So Blake decided to start a company that would manufacture and sell shoes only when people bought his shoes he would donate a pair to a child in Argentina. Since the beginning over 140,000 shoes have been donated in both Argentina and Africa combined.

So at this event you'll be able to purchase TOMS Shoes, but that's not all. At the event there will be some very talented artists present that will be there to paint the shoe(s) that are purchased. There will also be free food and drinks.

Even if you do not have the money to purchase the shoes, I want to still encourage you to come out and experience this event. The gallery that it will be hosted at is one of my favorite galleries and there will be artwork for you to look at and enjoy as well as free food.

Feel free to look at the following sites for insight to the gallery and TOMS (PS - if you decide to purchase shoes online you can use the code CAMPUSCCC for $5 off!!):


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~Superhero Complex...New Paintings By Erik DeBat "Risk"

Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung found that the phenomenon of a fragmented identity could result in a particular complex, rooted in a strong archetypal model. A superhero complex will cause an individual to take on a more benevolent behavior; and by doing as such one can 'unlock' the true meanings of self.

The "Superhero Complex" is a recent set of paintings I have made, where my motivation was the inner-drive for self-discovery in Erik DeBat "Risk". Creating a personal dialogue with the collective unconsciousness, and breaking it's rules. My pseudonym "Risk" and I are having fun with the balance and harmony of black and white with the assault of color from the spray cans.

I've been residing in and exploring the inner landscape of the mind, enjoying the action and repetition of the spray painting flowing with a clean execution of bold images and messages. Drawing from a counterculture life as a graffiti artist and the daily onslaught of pop culture. I love to vacation in the canvases of my Chicago design studio.

Erik DeBat "Risk" b. 1971, Chicago, IL. U.S.

Erik DeBat grew up in Chicago during the 80s, at age of 12 he started painting the name "RISK" on rooftops along the CTA elevated and subway lines through the neighborhoods of Logan Square, Bucktown, and Wicker Park. In 1986, DeBat was among the 1st wave of Chicago graffiti artists to exhibit their artwork in galleries and began doing commissions for interior designers and private collectors.

Today, DeBat considers his design and paintings contemporary urban canvases where he likes to comment on society and things he loves. His work is borne from the energy of life around him. The artwork and installations is driven by popular culture, punk rock, and fashion. His use of symmetries and colors intuitively transcend throughout his work with the use of photography, typography, drawing and printing techniques.

Artist Statement
"Art making, for me begins with capturing energy around me and working to interpret popular culture into what is inspiring me. I like symmetries and an organic design method. I use color, image, movement, drawing, and type to help achieve my visual ideas."

...this will be a very interesting show, the new work is stunning...

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~Drawn2 Project Pilsen...update with photos!

more flicks HERE

After a slow start, the artist and the crowd swung into action, music provided by King Hippo...drinks provided byob and the good vibes provided by you...thanks to those who bought art and prints from me that night...thank you

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~Martha Cooper Goin Postal (Chicago version) book signing and release party

In addtion to all the madness that will be happening between the making deals gig at NOVEM and the Book signing just doors down , im scheduled to show at least one painting and Ive contributed a print and an original 8x10 drawing for the silent auction Saturday, May 2nd 2009.

You can't miss this one! On Friday, May 1st Martha Cooper will be in Chicago signing copies of the new 25th Anniversary edition of Subway Art and Going Postal books! We're curating a huge handmade sticker exchange for the event. And just a few doors down at the Novem Studios Store, our own Frank Serpico will be premiering his new zine, Making Deals.


Martha Cooper’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Subway Art
and Going Postal Book Signing
First Ever Chicago Handmade Sticker Exchange--All Stickers $5
and Making Deals Zine Premiere
Friday, May 1st 5-10 PM

For the first time in her forty year career, famed street photojournalist Martha Cooper will be coming to Chicago to release the highly anticipated 25th anniversary edition of the bestselling book Subway Art. The new edition features a large-scale deluxe format, heightening the visual impact of her classic graffitti images and adding new photographs and text. Going Postal, Cooper’s new book about the burgeoning postal sticker art scene in New York will also be available. Cooper will have photographs for sale at the event, and artist and Chicago native, Thor will be creating an art installation based on Subway Art. The event will take place at Novem Life, 1114 N. Ashland in Chicago.

Martha Cooper is a Manhattan-based documentary photographer whose vintage images of graffiti and hip hop culture are widely published. Subway Art, originally published in 1984, instantly became a staple in the collections of graffiti art and hip-hop fans everywhere and is commonly referred to as, “the graffiti bible.” The project was an in-depth look at the environment captured during the 1970s and 80s by photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant.

To coincide with Cooper’s release of her other new book, Going Postal, Upset, a collective of artists from Chicago and New York, presents a handmade sticker art sale featuring work from many of the artists in Cooper’s postal sticker art book. Over 60 artists from New York and Chicago are involved in the sale. All stickers sell for only $5 and artists are encouraged to exchange stickers with other artists. Featured artists include Blanco, C-Damage, Faust, The Sevenist, Overconsume, Stomach, and more.

Never Forget. We are also looking for contributions of small artwork, no bigger than 8x10, for a silent auction that will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 2nd. If you are interested in contributing, please respond to this or email upsetmagazine@​gmail.​com.​ All proceeds will go to the Families of Fausto Manzera, Andrew Cazares and Nazon Simmons Rest In Peace.

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~Paperboy Mural Finished Product.

Nice One Skame and Myself at paperboy....good job fellas

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~paperboy mural sketch...a teaser

Here's my sketch for a mural im doin with two cool fellas....at


Giant monster rampage an over zealous corporate cityscape...a eye beam blastin seahorse and a tyrannical owl take back the planet....sound interesting...wait for the pics...


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New Prints Available!!!

New Prints Available!!!
Originally uploaded by Brooks Golden

New Prints Available!!!

limited edition, 1/50 signed and numbered, each print comes in a protective sleeve (for your pleasure =)

20 dollars each..USD, includes shipping in the US.....

Bat Portrait #4


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~doodles this week...yep yep!

..couple of small drawings to keep the skills sharp as a knife...=)

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Nazon "Kep" Simmons... Life Celebration

Nazon "Kep" Simmons... Life Celebration

Akbar & Ang 13
the knomads

breakers...brickheadz & JMC Crew

deejays...word, dah v, skor, rude and fred one

tattoos by erie, bishop and frog

Saturday april 18th
2635 w grand 6p...until...

$15 donation/cover...all proceeds go to keps family..Image by Slang

...come out and show love and respect for a true Chicago Arts legend...at least in my world.

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this is why technology is king...

Be Geezy?

~Sorry for the Miscommunication( UPDATE w/ pics!)

April 3- May 16 Kansas City, MO

Over 30 artists, in a spectrum of media: graffiti, street art projections, found objects creations, wheat-paste-ups, painting, sculpture, installation and video.

By revealing the common ground by which we relate to others, we challenge misunderstandings and judgments to find the sympathy, empathy and humor we need to connect.

"Sorry …" reveals and explores our inner and outer dialogues as a bridge across the gaps between divergent social constructions: street artists, fine artists, visual artists, viewer, consumer and the public.

the show was a huge success, tons of attendees, good vibes and good spirits...

Be Golden in KC.MO

~Black Gate Sessions (Part2 Beat Diggers and Paint Pushers)

..ill be here, selling my new prints, two different prints available, each print comes in a protective sleeve ,signed 1/50 and numbered! Available this Sunday!!!

THIS SUNDAY at BLACK GATE SESSIONS 2313 w North Ave, the Beat Diggers and Paint Pushers SPECIAL! its a "art and music" fleamarket if you will, come and buy Vinyl records and some phat ass art from some of chicagos illest producers, djays, artists and designers! different genres of music and art, plus sets by Maker, Intel, Hersh and more! 12pm-8pm $2 entrance, byob...

be golden or be weak sauce =?


~Black Gate Sessions (Secret Show) I got a lil shout out...

Yak Ballz

I just got a small mention on this website CLICK HERE

For more Black Gate Sessions, check out:

For more photos, please visit:

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~Last Nights Work b.k.a. Bass in My Bowels, a.k.a. Live Painting @ Black Gate Sessions

..painted last night to the sounds of....yak balls , muff 7, kosher dillz and darryl pounds...all the artist were very cool and made me feel welcome...thanks for the propers homies!

...in the beginning

yak balls aka big yak

finished yo!

lets be golden, okay?


~Loaded: Hunting Culture in America@ Glass Curtain Gallery @Columbia College

josh winegar

jenn wilson

diana guerrero macia

The group art exhibition, Loaded: Hunting Culture in America, takes a deliberately ambivalent view toward the morality of hunting. The exhibition addresses the subject as a social, cultural, and artistic phenomenon, ideally nudging viewers to question their own preconceptions regarding hunting. In contemporary America, where people no longer need to hunt for survival, hunting culture –– with its roots in notions of American independence, the frontier spirit, dominance over nature, and rugged individualism –– has evolved to become an aesthetic and a lifestyle choice, a sport steeped in regional and family traditions. Many contemporary artists and designers have gravitated toward either the aesthetics or the cultural/social phenomena of hunting as the subject of their work, giving us objects, images, and spaces that range from kitsch to realism and hard-edged social commentary. This exhibition is timed to coincide with the college-wide Critical Encounters initiative "Human|Nature."
Audrey Michelle Mast (freelance writer/editor, Managing Editor of Flavorpill Chicago and a web, marketing and PR associate at the Museum of Contemporary Photography)
Ann Wiens (artist, writer, Editor of DEMO magazine, and Director of Publications at Columbia College Chicago)

Artists: (confirmed so far; there will be more)
Diana Guerrero-Macia (Chicago)
Erika Larsen (New Jersey)
Brian Lesterberg (Minneapolis, MN)
Mathieu Lévesque (Montreal, Canada)
Shaun Slifer (Pittsburg, PA)

WHEN: March 18 – April 29, 2009
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 18, 5-8pm
Dressed to Kill Fashion Show at 6pm. A student response show.
WHERE: Columbia College’s Glass Curtain Gallery
1104 S. Wabash Avenue, 1st floor
Gallery Hours: M,T,W,F 9am-5pm, TH 9am – 7pm
COST: Free and Open to the Public.
CONTACT: Mark Porter @ 312.369.6643, mporter@colum.edu

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~Old School Skate Sessions..

1991... MHSA

in attendance:

...fakie to 360 shove it!...yes i landed it.

~ The Drawn2 Project starts April 16th in PILSEN!

Drawn2 online flyer
Originally uploaded by Brooks Golden

Drawn2 Pilsen is a free artists’ showcase for anyone and everyone who loves art. Visitors get to check out and meet Pilsen-area emerging and established artists as they create one-of-a-kind works. Not only will these local artists be making art live, but visitors have the opportunity to buy these unique pieces at super rare, low prices.

We at the Drawn2 Project (organizers of the Drawn2 Pilsen event) are about having a good time while creating and sharing artwork. We also believe that art can be affordable, networking doesn't require you wear a tie, and discovering new artists on a weeknight is pretty cool.

If you feel like we do or are curious about this first-ever-in-Pilsen event, then please join us for a night of live drawing, chatting and meeting some of the incredible artists that live and work in this vibrant Chicago neighborhood.

Join us on
Tattooing, Collectibles and Gallery
1712 S. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60608
Event starts at 6pm and ends at 9pm | no cover


Music provided by KING HIPPO.

*artist selection has started...

For more info email us at: drawn2project@gmail.com

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