~ Text and Drugs and Rock n Roll

Come see the most EXPLICIT piece of "DIPSTK related" art rock ever created and shared by our roadie (@brooks golden).--->Partial Profile Nudity, Sexting Naughtiness and Suggested Heavy Metal Silliness. Brett Haus's little brother (Ricky ) gets his first taste of groupie love all captured for you to see. Although, in the age of Sexting and the Internet, we think he might have it all confused.

"TEXT AND DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL" (Plumbing the depths of text driven art)@ MaxwellColette Gallery on December 2nd 2011...MaxwellColette Gallery @ 908 N. Ashland. Come show your support for the Local Street Arts and Artist of Chicago!!! Show opens on December 2nd and runs through January 14th 2012.

- Brooks Golden/Be Golden© 2011(Roadie for the greatest band ever...DIPSTK)

~~N.W.A (Never Work Again)"A Zine Of Stuff" Issue #1

Each zine comes with a hand drawn owl sticker...

Be Golden© Presents ~N.W.A (Never Work Again)"A Zine Of Stuff" by Brooks Golden. 27 pages of Original Drawings & Awesome Randomness. Ask for the Crip cover (BLUE ) or the Blood cover ( RED). Each Zine comes with a free hand drawn OWL STICKER. (Only 25 issues made )--3$ dollars in person --$5 dollars post paid anywhere in the U.S. Help Support Independent Zine Makers and Arts Professionals...Be Golden© 2011

...Zines make great gifts for the creative types amongst your friends and family.

Message me any inquires @ brooksbgolden@yahoo.com... Thanks


~Graffiti News Network

got a little shoutout in this video.

Be Golden

~Desktop Purge

a bunch of stuffs from my desktopper...enjoy

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~On Public Art: “An Artist Without Parameters” A conversation with Brooks Golden

~I did a pretty lengthy interview with friends at ...Sixty Inches From Center....PT. 1 of 2

Brooks Golden. 2011. (Photograph by Nicolette Caldwell)

""Brooks Golden aka Be Golden© is a tremendously important figure in the Chicago street art community. The relationship between Brooks and the “raw” nature of “street art” is like an abiding romance. Brooks Golden appreciates the optimistic, tight-knit local community that has positioned itself parallel to the continued dichotomy of “street art”. His breadth of knowledge about the history of “street art” is impressively comprehensive and personal.""

Read the Entire Interview HERE

Thanks to the folks at SIXTY INCHES FROM CENTER for all the support theyve shown.

Be Golden 2011

~A couple new street pieces...

~Golden Griz Collabo

~super cutty cutty

~made in oakland

Be Golden 2011


~ The Chicago Street Art Retrospective SHOW/BOOK in May!!!


Friday, May 13 at 6:00pm - May 14 at 12:00am @ The Chicago Urban Art Society

With installations and work from Artillery, Bonus Saves, Brooks Golden, Chris Silva, CLS, Senor Codo, Cody Hudson, CRO, Cyro,Chris Diers, Don’t Fret, Emen, 80 legs, Tom Fennell IV, “Its yours, Take it”, Goons, The Grocer,Juan Angel Chavez, Klepto Salem, Melt, Nick Adam, Oscar Arriola, Poor Kid, Safety First,Saro, Sighn, Solve, Tiptoe, The Viking, You Are Beautiful, among others…

~~~Concerning the Book Release...



Street Art stands as a bold, subversive and passionate form of expression. The practice of this medium involves working completely outside the normal expectations of what art is and what it can provide for a viewer. Chicago Street Artists offer unique unassuming public artworks that: challenge ideas, define politics, and adds a beautiful character to the cityscape. However, nearly all evidence of this history has been purposely erased.

As an author, Depre, has spent the last five years globe-trotting, writing, and photo documenting Street Art around the world. This new volume is a first for Chicago. Separating the genre from its roots in graffiti, Depre clearly and passionately explains his perspective and interest in a cultural tracing of Street Art. Working with four other photographers, the book is a photo documentary and serves as an overview of the often over-looked but vital art scene that appears and disappears on the streets of Chicago. (See extended credits for collaborating photographers).

Part history lesson, part field guide, part cultural insider wisdom, the book is offered as a legitimate pictorial text that moves the Street Art practice into the position as an important cultural marker distinctive to a specific city and time. Featuring six short essays from Depre, as well as, some words and over 200 full color images from notorious Artists and Photographers of the Chicago Street Art community. This is MUST have volume for anyone who has wandered the Chicago’s Streets and wondered about the artists who have grace walls with humor, beauty, insight, or critique year after year. The text is designed to get the reader to a place of understanding, appreciation, and co-habitation with these remarkable and temporary works.

The release of Chicago Street Art will be a featured event on May 13 at the opening of a retrospective of Chicago Street Art at the Chicago Urban Art Society, 2229 South Halsted. The show will run until June 4.

~~~im super excited about this...its gonna be an interesting moment!!!!

Be Golden


~New Creative Collaborations in The Bay...

So whilst on a working vacation in the bay this month....Working on a new poster with deadeyes POP BDS!....

~Invoking the Spirit...of Collaboration...(live art sesh w/ Ras terms , Safety First & Myself)

( any inquiries on owning this beauty: brooksbegolden@yahoo.com)

be golden

~Desktop Cleanse!

sorry friends, its been a long 2 months since i last posted, ill try to be much better about posting current things...thanks or understanding, =)

...some stuffs piling about on the desktop...enjoy/comment...ya know =)

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~Article and super short interview in Columbia Chronicle Magazine

I got a small write up after doin a short interview with a writer at @The Columbia Chronicle...thanks mina!

"Brooks Golden, a visual artist who participated in Caldwell’s graffiti exhibit with the same name, is featured on the organization’s (SIFC) website"
(read the rest of the article HERE )

More info about Sixty Inches From Center(SIFC) arts advocacy collective click ( HERE )

Be Golden


~Golden/Griz Collabo

To my excitement i had an opportunity to work with a wonderful artist friend(GRIZ) and we made some fun things in studio a cpl nights ago...i show you one right now... =)

The GRIZ is on it!

laying down the sketches

the GRIZ hard at work

the final product!

to her excitement

When she's famous i'll introduce you to her, for now she's all mine. =P

Be Golden