~KLTA (Keith Lawrence Turner Alexander)

Im sooooo late,i just discovered this amazing 80's rooftop painter KTLA, i dont feel too bad tho, i was in grade school drawing He-Man and G.I. Joe in his hey day!...im celebrating him now, so should you.

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"The city is my canvas. I actually thought a lot about how to connect all 65 murals across the city into one city-sized mural, visible only to people who ride the trains." - KLTA

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Friday, February 26, 2010
6:00pm - 11:00pm
2131 N Rockwell
Chicago, IL

(tribute to the KTLA by Risk & B-Boy B)

celebratin our local art history...
Be Golden!


~Pics of my mural section from ...Now you see it...now you dont

I Finally remembered to post these pics...it was a great turn out and surprise, the mural was gone by the end of the night....

~Gallery Guide February 2010

So, i got a small mention in this months gallery guide...yippee!

Sapere Art Gallery

Be Golden


~DIPSTK Tour/Art show #1 photos are up!!!!

Milwaukee was a great success...thanks to everyone who came out and showed support, special thank youse to the folks that bought prints,zines and even art off the wall...You all made me feel very encouraged in this brand new project.

More photos...lots more...HERE

More info about DIPSTK...HERE

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all photos credits to respective photographers.

be Golden!