~Abraham Ritchie of ARTSLANT says a few choice words...


"It is against this civic backdrop that the fledgling art organization Sixty Inches From Center organized their exhibition “Contemporary Graffiti,” at the C33 Gallery in Chicago, featuring the work of Azteca, Klepto, Blutt, Zoe McCloskey, Hebru Brantley, Magda Sayeg, Brooks Golden, Stockyard Institute, Jova el Graffista."


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Be Golden


~Sixty Inches from Center Out and About

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Our friends at Sixty Inches from Center, did another small right up about a collab between myself and hebru brantley...noice!

(from their site)
""Although the Art Loop Open is the hot event of the week in Chicago, instead below are images of a brand spanking new collaboration by two very talented artists Brooks Golden and Hebru Brantley. The other image is the production line – also known as Tempestt and Nicolette attack.""

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~Chicago Art Magazine Blog.. Top Street Art Picks for the Month of September


By Fruzsina Eordogh

"The street art of September was so very plentiful.

I like to think I am partially responsible for the proliferation, but I know there are greater forces at work besides my delusions of grandeur, forces much more mundane – like the coming cold weather. Tiptoe has returned from his holiday, and the respectable (now ” retro” ) Senor Codo has reemerged with his pac-man inspired stickers and baseball-capped figures, a staple of his since 2006".

(then some extremely generous words by the author)
"If a street art king could be crowned for the month of September, that king would be Brooks Golden. Not only is his work at the Sixty Inches from Center exhibit, but this year he was invited to participate in the Meeting of Styles Chicago event for the first time'.





photo by ghettop82

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Be Golden