~Toms Shoes and Oh No Doom Presents...

ill be here live painting a canvas Toms bag and displaying my customized shoe. All on Sat the 25th..1pm-6pm

I am very excited and pleased to announce that the TOMS Shoes Vagabond Event is coming up in just a few weeks. At this event you'll be able to purchase TOMS Shoes from the touring TOMS Vagabonds that are traveling the country.

If you are still unsure what TOMS is all about let me explain. TOMS Shoes is company started by Blake Mycoskie who upon visiting Argentina realized that many children were living without shoes and since their primary mode of transportation is walking, many of them were getting cuts and scrapes that were susceptible to infection, even parasites. So Blake decided to start a company that would manufacture and sell shoes only when people bought his shoes he would donate a pair to a child in Argentina. Since the beginning over 140,000 shoes have been donated in both Argentina and Africa combined.

So at this event you'll be able to purchase TOMS Shoes, but that's not all. At the event there will be some very talented artists present that will be there to paint the shoe(s) that are purchased. There will also be free food and drinks.

Even if you do not have the money to purchase the shoes, I want to still encourage you to come out and experience this event. The gallery that it will be hosted at is one of my favorite galleries and there will be artwork for you to look at and enjoy as well as free food.

Feel free to look at the following sites for insight to the gallery and TOMS (PS - if you decide to purchase shoes online you can use the code CAMPUSCCC for $5 off!!):


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