~Superhero Complex...New Paintings By Erik DeBat "Risk"

Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung found that the phenomenon of a fragmented identity could result in a particular complex, rooted in a strong archetypal model. A superhero complex will cause an individual to take on a more benevolent behavior; and by doing as such one can 'unlock' the true meanings of self.

The "Superhero Complex" is a recent set of paintings I have made, where my motivation was the inner-drive for self-discovery in Erik DeBat "Risk". Creating a personal dialogue with the collective unconsciousness, and breaking it's rules. My pseudonym "Risk" and I are having fun with the balance and harmony of black and white with the assault of color from the spray cans.

I've been residing in and exploring the inner landscape of the mind, enjoying the action and repetition of the spray painting flowing with a clean execution of bold images and messages. Drawing from a counterculture life as a graffiti artist and the daily onslaught of pop culture. I love to vacation in the canvases of my Chicago design studio.

Erik DeBat "Risk" b. 1971, Chicago, IL. U.S.

Erik DeBat grew up in Chicago during the 80s, at age of 12 he started painting the name "RISK" on rooftops along the CTA elevated and subway lines through the neighborhoods of Logan Square, Bucktown, and Wicker Park. In 1986, DeBat was among the 1st wave of Chicago graffiti artists to exhibit their artwork in galleries and began doing commissions for interior designers and private collectors.

Today, DeBat considers his design and paintings contemporary urban canvases where he likes to comment on society and things he loves. His work is borne from the energy of life around him. The artwork and installations is driven by popular culture, punk rock, and fashion. His use of symmetries and colors intuitively transcend throughout his work with the use of photography, typography, drawing and printing techniques.

Artist Statement
"Art making, for me begins with capturing energy around me and working to interpret popular culture into what is inspiring me. I like symmetries and an organic design method. I use color, image, movement, drawing, and type to help achieve my visual ideas."

...this will be a very interesting show, the new work is stunning...

Be Golden

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