~Martha Cooper Goin Postal (Chicago version) book signing and release party

In addtion to all the madness that will be happening between the making deals gig at NOVEM and the Book signing just doors down , im scheduled to show at least one painting and Ive contributed a print and an original 8x10 drawing for the silent auction Saturday, May 2nd 2009.

You can't miss this one! On Friday, May 1st Martha Cooper will be in Chicago signing copies of the new 25th Anniversary edition of Subway Art and Going Postal books! We're curating a huge handmade sticker exchange for the event. And just a few doors down at the Novem Studios Store, our own Frank Serpico will be premiering his new zine, Making Deals.


Martha Cooper’s 25th Anniversary Edition of Subway Art
and Going Postal Book Signing
First Ever Chicago Handmade Sticker Exchange--All Stickers $5
and Making Deals Zine Premiere
Friday, May 1st 5-10 PM

For the first time in her forty year career, famed street photojournalist Martha Cooper will be coming to Chicago to release the highly anticipated 25th anniversary edition of the bestselling book Subway Art. The new edition features a large-scale deluxe format, heightening the visual impact of her classic graffitti images and adding new photographs and text. Going Postal, Cooper’s new book about the burgeoning postal sticker art scene in New York will also be available. Cooper will have photographs for sale at the event, and artist and Chicago native, Thor will be creating an art installation based on Subway Art. The event will take place at Novem Life, 1114 N. Ashland in Chicago.

Martha Cooper is a Manhattan-based documentary photographer whose vintage images of graffiti and hip hop culture are widely published. Subway Art, originally published in 1984, instantly became a staple in the collections of graffiti art and hip-hop fans everywhere and is commonly referred to as, “the graffiti bible.” The project was an in-depth look at the environment captured during the 1970s and 80s by photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant.

To coincide with Cooper’s release of her other new book, Going Postal, Upset, a collective of artists from Chicago and New York, presents a handmade sticker art sale featuring work from many of the artists in Cooper’s postal sticker art book. Over 60 artists from New York and Chicago are involved in the sale. All stickers sell for only $5 and artists are encouraged to exchange stickers with other artists. Featured artists include Blanco, C-Damage, Faust, The Sevenist, Overconsume, Stomach, and more.

Never Forget. We are also looking for contributions of small artwork, no bigger than 8x10, for a silent auction that will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 2nd. If you are interested in contributing, please respond to this or email upsetmagazine@​gmail.​com.​ All proceeds will go to the Families of Fausto Manzera, Andrew Cazares and Nazon Simmons Rest In Peace.

Be Golden

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