~So does Milwaukee really suck?

...ive decided that i still dislike my hometown enough to use the word 'hatred'
when refering to it...

...i have had a turn for positivity, and have decided that it might be the most intersting to try to find the things that i still like about my former city...

(photo credit: dave watkins)

...without a doubt
The first thing id say that is good about Milwaukee is:

(Buses That Run On Time)

...almost never this retarded bus bunching shit that happens here everyday,the fare hasnt gone up considerably for the level of accurate service you get, and more than not,the drivers have a pretty pleasant disposition when approached...unlike the rude and sometimes sub-humanz you deal with on the CTA...

i could go on and on...
...these buses run on a accurate schedule...(imagine that chicago!)

til next time...on schedule =)
Be Golden 2009!

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