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John "Bowzer" Bauman

..when i was a little kid i used to watch this show called sha na na...it was funny and entertaining, im sure my love of all things rockabilly and greaser are linked to this program....

(from wiki)
Sha Na Na hosted the Sha Na Na syndicated variety series that ran from 1977 to 1981. It was among the most watched programs in syndication during its run. [4] The show was produced by Pierre Cossette and originally distributed by LBS Communications.

The show featured the group performing hits from the 1950s and 1960s, along with comedy skits. The "tough guys" road act from their original road shows was adapted for TV and the group moved to a comedy and self deprecating routine. The mainstay continued to be the '50s song and dance routines. The show opened in a typical "concert scene," and then moved through various street and ice cream parlor scenes where they and their guests performed several songs. That was followed by a comedy-oriented song (e.g. Alley Oop, Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah) and closed with a slow song, again in their "concert format".

Among the supporting members featured in the series were Avery Schreiber, Kenneth Mars and Phillp Roth[citation needed] (All of them in the first season); Pamela Myers and actress Jane Dulo (who played the crabby Lady in the Window, who watched over the street scenes from the window of her apartment with undisguised disdain) (Both throughout the show's run), June Gable and Soupy Sales (Seasons 2 to 4); Michael Sklar (Season 2); and Karen Hartman (Season 4).

Guests included: Jan & Dean, Fabian, Chubby Checker, the Ramones, Ethel Merman, Frank Gorshin, Billy Crystal, Danny and the Juniors, and others

The members of Sha Na Na during the TV Series were: Jon 'Bowzer' Bauman (Vocals), Lennie Baker (Sax), Johnny Contardo (Vocals), Frederick 'Dennis' Greene (Vocals), 'Dirty Dan' McBride (Guitar)(left after second season), John 'Jocko' Marcellino (Drums), Dave 'Chico' Ryan (Bass), 'Screamin' Scott Simon (Piano), Scott 'Santini' Powell (Vocals), Donald 'Donny' York (Vocals).

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