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So i decide to start these "daily" blogs as away of letting you all into the day to day things that happen in my life..during commutes, conversations and other candid moments...They are intended to be snapshots ,so there is a good likelihood that they will be short and sweet. The operative word is SHORT.Thanks for reading...as always Peace...Brooks

So, Im standing on the street corner in front of the nearest Taqueria,waitng for the city bus to show, when this latino guy on a bike came flying down the sidewalk like a bat outta hell, a second earlier two guys one black,one white passed me going east on the same sidewalk..
Next thing I see is the guy on the bike with his hand out in order to give the passing guys a high five as he continues on his way..."He says Whussup, only to be given a half assed high five from the two passerbyers...Still speeding down the sidewalk,by the time he gets to me, he screams " HEY NIGGA I SAID WHUSSUP!!! , AND YOU AINT SAID NOTHING!!!"....these two fellas who hang out on the benches around the bus stops looked over to me and stared...puzzled. I wondered if they thought he was talkin to me, or were they lookin to me for a reaction for the use of the word Nigger/a..To say the least I rolled my eyes and waited impatiently for the bus...
...Given the Michael Richards controversy over its use this pass week, i couldnt help showing that this N word stuff really is a phenomenom that is like a train wreck waitng to happen...



...p.s. for yer knowledge,I dont especially like hearing people use the term Nigger/a, and pretty much anyone.."calling,texting,messaging"me nigger/a, gets frowned upon and let go....pretty simple.

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