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I was told today by a friend that I was in her dream last night.Uh-Oh... I immediately smirked and mentally said "here we go" as I prepared to hear that I had done something solely embarrasing, weird or even worst, SEXUAL......So, I listened intently as this friend quickly describe my appearance in her dream first as a typical viewer in an art museum checking out some paintings or other random artworks, hand on my chin with a silly sense of interest>>>>Flash to her insisting on a home studio of her own for which she could create
art crafts music whatever her creative needs demanded, so I guess i somehow came to her assistance in designing or creating her home studio...I told her I was glad that I could be "helpful" to her not only in real life, but in her dreams as well....The whole thing was very special to me and left me with a level of positivity than is hard to describe....

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Hopefully, something positive in me is rubbing off, and setting in...we'll see


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