3 days

I had this funny experience were I overheard a conversation between some peeps at work....No names will be used to protect the privacy of said co-workers....

It goes something like this "A male coworker of mine was havin kinda a grumpy day, the females around him were teasing that he has chronic Sunday morning grumpiness from all the drinking he does on Saturday, he quickly exclaimed "I havent had a drink in 3 days!"....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAS! were all all around, disbelief was in the air,"Yeah right" was said more than a few times. Pissed at the acusations, or the assumptions of his lack of control, he turned to say to the "ringleader of the tormentors" and shouted "Yer one to talk?"...She quiclkly remarked "Whaddya mean Im one to talk?........

...to say the least it was an interesting experience for me, hardly in all my years have I ever heard folks that drink go at it over the acusations of lack of control.
The most interesting part is that I dont drink and am usally on the end of one of the defensive/offensive tirades.

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