~Transparent Reflect Show @ CPS (co-prosperity sphere)

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Co Prosperity Sphere


Friday, August 21, 2009

6:00pm - 11:00pm

Co Prosperity Sphere

3219 S Morgan St

Chicago, IL


Transparent Reflect examines the portrait and the self-portrait and its overlap in art. The show takes the traditional approach of making a portrait (from an observational standpoint) and mixes it with the more reflective side of a self-portrait. The Artists in the show use photography, drawing, painting and installation works to portray their ideas though a range of formal and abstract approaches. They explore religion, sexuality, popular culture and the economic times that we are currently struggling through, and take a more autobiographical response to the current state of the nation. Transparent Reflect questions the notion of identity and brings forth reflection that is required and lately ignored in today’s society.

Zach Abubeker
Matt Austin
Kristen Flemington
Adam Golfer
Maureen Peabody
Anna Shtyenshleyger
Nick Wylie

should be an awesome showing...

be golden

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