~Article about Solve Tribute Mural in Madison Newspaper

(my contribution)

Last Sunday the Madison Wisconsin paper The Capital Times Wisconsin State Journal...had an article on the front page of their art and entertainment section honoring and talking at length about a new exhibition of mural boards created in Brendan 'Solve' Scanlon's honor.

"Other pieces are more whimsical. A panel created by DJ Burton and Laedan Galicia of Kansas City looks like notebook paper with big, doodled flowers and vividly colored houses, city streets winding through in purple and red. It recalls SOLVE's youth -- he wasn't long out of high school, where he was a constant doodler.

A piece by an artist called "Nice One" recalls anime and graphic novel art, while Brooks B. Golden's Illuminati triangle hovering on a cloud pops off the wall with bright oranges, purples and blues."

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rest in peace brendan
be golden

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