~Today in 1974 GoodTimes debuted on CBS

Life in the Chicago projects is never easy, However, the Evans family never gives up trying to make the best of things. While Florida and James struggle to provide for their family, their sons J.J., an aspiring painter, Micheal, the undying political crusader, causing trouble while their sister, Thelma, stands between them as the voice of reason. Living in the same building were Willona Woods, Florida's best friend from High School who provided support, love and gossip and Nathan Bookman, the overweight janitor who gave them grief and was the butt of alot of fat jokes, especially Willona who often referred to him as Buffalo Butt or Booger. Life, at least, is never boring while they fight to keep their heads above water and one day leave the projects, which they did in the series finale.


Esther Rolle as Florida Evans
John Amos as James Evans (1974-1976)
Jimmie Walker a James Evans Jr. (JJ)
Ja'net Dubois as Willona Woods
Ralph Carter as Michael Evans
Bernadette Stanis as Thelma Evans Anderson
Moses Gunn as Carl Dixon (1977)
Johnny Brown as Nathan Bookman (1977-1979)
Janet Jackson as Penny Gordon Woods (1977-1979)
Ben Powers as Keith Anderson (1978-1979)
Theodore Wilson as Sweet Daddy (1978-1979)

Broadcast History
First Telecast: February 8, 1974
Last Telecast: August 1, 1979
Episode Count: 133

~~Surely,the highlight of every episode was an appearence by the lovely Thelma...i had a small crush ...to say the least =)

~~Also this painting in show by ERNIE BARNES left me in awe and im sure served as a artistic inspiration later in life


Be Golden

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