~The UPSET art show...May 16th 2008

...Easily the best showing of Contemporary "Street and Urban" inspired Arts this entire Summer...

..Chicago come out and support...

The Upset, a collective of artists and photographers from Chicago and New York City, is pleased to present a self-titled multi-media art show at Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago.

The opening also features DJ sets from Gutter Butter (Chicago), Pork Chop from Exceptor (NYC), and Intel (Chicago). Artists in the show include: 5003, James Adam, Oscar Arriola, Katie Ashley, Brooks Golden, Bryan Bowie, Daniel Bremner, Sara Condo, Nicky Dieter, Emone, Falcon, Stefan Fitzgerald, FTrainer, Google Eyes, Patrick Griffen, Haculla, Infinity, Rick Jara, JARE, Juicy, Chris Kerr, Chris Kline, Suzette Lee, Bill McRight, Melon, Mint, Aiko Nakagawa, Pete Nawara, Caroline Voagen Nelson, Antonio Pazaran, Brian Procell, OMG Crew, (Goons, Stomach, Viking), Overconsumer, OZE108, Plasma Slugs, Pork Chop, Peter Puleo, Jory Rabinovitz, Serf, SGS, Christine Sorich, Suckadelic, Maki Terashita, Thor, Anthony Trujillo, UFO, Ryan Valvick, and Vickypages.

Be Golden

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Ellen said...

Will be a great show! Dustward from Philly/NYC will also be showing work.