~Favorite Thangs~(the milkshake) Stone Cold Creamery

The Friggin Stone Cold Creamery "Cake n' Shake" milkshake was mind blowing,
i walked around for the next half hour spouting expletives and
confessing my life long love of yellow cake.....

...im obsessed.

What flavors of ice cream shakes are available?
Cold Stone offers the following thick and rich shakes:

Oh Fudge!™
Very Vanilla™
Savory Strawberry™
Milk & Cookies™
Cream de Menthe™
Lotta Caramel Latte™
Cherry Cheeseshake™
Cake ‘n Shake™
Color Me Cotton Candy™
You can choose from the list above or create your own.

What's in an ice cream shake?
Our shakes are made with only the freshest ingredients. We start with our “made fresh daily” ice cream and add mix-ins. We then blend, pour and serve. You can create your own shake choosing from a combination of your favorite ice cream and a variety of tempting mix-ins, or you can choose from the list below:

Oh Fudge!™ - Chocolate Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Fudge Syrup
Very Vanilla™ - French Vanilla Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Caramel
Savory Strawberry™ - Strawberry Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Strawberries
Milk & Cookies™ - Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Skim Milk & OREO® Cookies
Cream de Menthe™ - Mint Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Chocolate Shavings
Lotta Caramel Latte™ - Coffee Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Caramel
PB&C™ - Chocolate Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Peanut Butter
Cherry Cheeseshake™ - Cheesecake Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Cherry Pie Filling
Cake ‘n Shake™ - Cake Batter Ice Cream, Skim Milk & Yellow Cake Pieces
Color Me Cotton Candy™ - Cotton Candy Ice Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles

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(R)evolver74 said...

It'd better be good for a $6 shake hahahha