~Found 6 (a whole new format, with 5 new categories)

2 kid drawings on mini notebooks paper,front and back are shown

Restaurant debris

-GOLDEN VALUE SCALE:( based on personal interestingness )
A solid 2 out of ten

Saved in sketchbook for later scrutiny

-UNIQUENESS:( 1 being commonplace & 10 being paydirt )
A 2 and a half out of ten

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Im really feelin the blue girl in dress...quality stuff!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Happy Findings!

Be Golden


Jeremy said...

SICK! I love how they started over on the blue one!

fotoflow said...

The figure on the upper left is a vivd depiction of the mental turmoil that Britney Spears is experiencing as she attempts to deal with her crushing fame and loss of custody of her children. Insightful details such as her creeping chubbiness, defiant hair shaving, and latent Pigpen behavior combine to help you delve deep into her psyche.

The figure on the upper right clearly conveys the dichotomy that is Paris Hilton. On the outside you experience the vapidity of her existence. The drawing illustrates her dependence on expensive frocks and accessories which is in turn passed down to girls and women everywhere. But the glint in her eye reveals a cunning Machiavellian intelligence that makes you shudder as you wonder who could stop her?

The drawings on the bottom are just bad.

Brooks Blair Golden said...

...dude yer hilarious...thanks for the insight =)