Dream Wish List Item 1:Herrlicht Eyeglasses

I dont normally gush over extravagances, but there are a few things that make me swoon...this is one of those things...Introducing Herrlicht

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HERRLICHT is the registered trademark of the furniture designer Andreas Licht.

It was when he began wearing glasses himself that he started to craft spectacle frames from wood.

Since then, he has designed an attractive collection of unique frames.

HERRLICHT eyeglasses are crafted entirely from either maple or cherry-wood. No metal or plastic parts for hinges, screws or reinforcements are used in the design. The frames are made out of wood 100% and amazingly light. The special treatment and construction process makes HERRLICHT eyeglasses extraordinarily flexible and therefore suitable for everyday use. Select woods, with their varying colours and surface structures, imbue each pair of glasses with its own character. No two frames are alike – every one has its own story to tell, much like the rings of a tree.

As such, HERRLICHT wood frames underscore the individuality of the wearer.

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With a love of experimentation, Andreas Licht is constantly exploring the possibilities of the material. The hinges, which are also made exclusively from wood and whose novel design ispire amazement and fascination, are continually being further developed. And new forms and details are always emerging, for exemple fine inlays of antique ebony (Diospyrus ebenum) and maple (Acer pseudoplantus) on the elegantly curving arms.

You can choose from nine different shapes and five types of wood for each of them right now.

...Ever since Ive seen these, I cant stop thinking about them


(R)evolver74 said...

I'll buy you a pair :)

if you buy me a MacBook Air :)

(R)evolver74 said...

Hahah that sort of ryhmes :)

Brooks Blair Golden said...

..i guess thatsa deal...
a pair of these frames are like..hmmm 1,ooo buckaroos...