~ Text and Drugs and Rock n Roll

Come see the most EXPLICIT piece of "DIPSTK related" art rock ever created and shared by our roadie (@brooks golden).--->Partial Profile Nudity, Sexting Naughtiness and Suggested Heavy Metal Silliness. Brett Haus's little brother (Ricky ) gets his first taste of groupie love all captured for you to see. Although, in the age of Sexting and the Internet, we think he might have it all confused.

"TEXT AND DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL" (Plumbing the depths of text driven art)@ MaxwellColette Gallery on December 2nd 2011...MaxwellColette Gallery @ 908 N. Ashland. Come show your support for the Local Street Arts and Artist of Chicago!!! Show opens on December 2nd and runs through January 14th 2012.

- Brooks Golden/Be Golden© 2011(Roadie for the greatest band ever...DIPSTK)

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