~Paul Frank's Art Contest!!!

So i heard about this contest about a month ago, but last week i finally got around to uploading my entry

(from their website)

Art Attack is an original artwork challenge presented nationally by Paul Frank Industries (PFI) that will occur throughout this year with a HUGE grand prize for one lucky enterprising artist! All types of artists are called ,pressto action in this unique, creative contest. No matter the medium, everyone has a chance to showcase his or her skill. (photography, painting, mixed media, drawing, sculpture, illustration, collage, craft).

You can participate in the Art Attack in one of three ways:

* Are you an artist? Yes? Then upload your artwork now for a chance to win. Just go here
* Help Paul Frank Judges pick a winner. Rate all of the designs here
* Spread the word

Paul Frank Industries will award the winning artist with the following: twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500) toward art supplies, a full page ad showcasing the winner's final Paul Frank designed piece in Juxtapoz magazine and THEME magazine and other goodies!

To help my chances...vote 5 monkeys, to show that ya love me..


thanks guys

Be Golden