~DIPSTK's First "gig" , Milwaukee Wisconsin, February 12th!!

See the first "gig" of the Art band DIPSTK!!!

So, the basic idea is this... the idea that i would create a fictional band called DIPSTK, based solely on our love for 80s metal and skateboarding...So there is NO real band but REAL art and passion for this project....come see our first "gig"...=p

Featuring the artworks of Chicago's' own Brooks Golden ...Including a paper art wall installation, hanging arts and a merch table selling prints as well as DIPSTK'S first issue of their ever-popular Rocket Mega-Zine

~~~Dipstk's Art Show/ World Tour Begins in Milwaukee WI...February 12th , Jackpot Gallery, 6pm til close

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For info about traveling to milwaukee...email us at beadipstk@yahoo.com

thanks for all the support and positivity we've received so far...see ya there!

Be Golden ~~~Two Thousand Zen!

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