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...this past saturday kanye performed the wackest song ever...and stole the guy from the beat it knife fights outfit...you officially fell off ngh...

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1 day ago · Kanye West SNL Video · The Inquisitr
Obviously he can't sing. He was mostly off pitch and his timing was amateurish. What I can't believe is that you can use that much auto-turner and still be that out of tune. I just don't get it. Doesn't that guy have a real musician on his payroll that will tell him the truth? Do what you are good at; produce, arrange, rap etc...but don't sing. Only the truly insecure are as arrogant as him.

hahahaha... arrogant jag off.

be golden

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Nicky Dieter said...

Forget "HOMOTHUG" Kanye is 100% "EMOTHUG"