~Framed Group Show Update!

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The show was a success, lots of peepz came out to show love and buy artworks.
Thanks to all who participated and made this showing Proper like George Poppadopalis =)

My Flickr Link to the Showing

Another link to photos From The Show

Thanks for yer support...Be Golden!


erin alison said...

nicely done mr. brooks. the show looks awesome. hopefully you made a lil cash too. p.s. your wife is hott. :)

chinwia said...

Lovely owl drawings..they're cute and funny as hell! 'Specially the liquor store and teepee one. Love it!


Brooks Blair Golden said...

erin everything went well , a lil cash is comin my way =)
..she is a cutie hey?

Brooks Blair Golden said...

OG thanks sooo much...im on a plateau right now =p