~Favorite Thingys...(the shoes) Camper

Camper is the result of a dream, of a family tradition that has been making shoes for over
130 years. Its origins can be traced back to Antonio Fluxa who established the first advanced shoe factory on the Spanish island of Majorca in 1877.
In this part of the world Camper means peasant. And that's not by chance. Camper shoes are created by people who live as one with their environment, the rural countryside of Mallorca, but who design thinking of the end users of the shoes, who mainly live in urban areas. Camper is a brand inspired by the history, culture and landscape of the Mediterranean, providing a touch of irony and fun to its designs.

Driven by Comfort with imagination@
Camper imagines how to walk better. Camper makes comfort, imagination,
tradition, modernity, technology and aesthetics compatible.
Comfort. Camper makes shoes for walking. Camper believes that the complex structure of the foot should feel at home in a pair of Camper shoes. Camper shoes are casual, functional and, most of all, comfortable.
Design. Camper seeks simple functional ideas that are capable of improving people's well-being and quality of life. Products that make aesthetics compati ble with comfort, and tradition compatible with modernity.
Quality. Camper means quality. Camper shoes are made of the finest supple, resistant leathers and materials in the world. A pair of Campers is always a good investment.
Creativity. Camper is a company that has made creativity its raison d'etre. This is Camper's most unique feature. Offering fun, innovative, useful solutions to the needs of modem day people of all ages.

I thought id look and feel like a yuppie douche, but i felt comfortable and smart about my latest purchase

175 USD...yoinks!

Be Golden


Ryan said...
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(R)evolver74 said...

So...that pattern, it IS on purpose...look at that pic....

Brooks Blair Golden said...

yeah, weird huh?