newyork,new york, big city of dreams...but everything in new york aint always what it seems..

...Well,as some of you may know i just returned from a short trip from NYC,and for the first time I wasnt awestruck...maybe some of the novelty of the whole thing has worn off a bit...
...As usual my trip was fully art-oriented , but there were a few things that happened aside from the relentless art-stomp....here's a few things i can remember......

~12noon flight into NYC (Laguardia) on Sunday...
~Hanging out with my gal pal Rachel at Pratt Art school
~A mouse chews through my bag in search for peanuts...ruins bag and finds nuts.
~Mouse is officially named Little Stewart...Little Bastard is more like it...
~Had a great meal at a restaurant in Brooklyn called Rice w/Liat, Rachel and for a short
period Sam Gable.

~Monday: hangin' out w/ my friend James and his sister, her boyfriend and her son Nick.
~Floral District...stupid plants all over the damn sidewalk.
~Garment District or looking for beads...boring..sorry lisa
~Macy's Department store..Honey/Bee themed store,wierd tourist takin' a tour of Macy's
and being shown floral arrangements by a guy w/ a laser pointer...yippee
~More Midtown madness,and off too Union Square for the best people watchin and chillin
out...Whole Foods is there...all im sayin is Pumpkin Muffin
~Back to Brooklyn for Rachel Budde/Sam Freeman's art opening at Pratt...
~Artwork is crazy good and then some graffiti hooligans (hats and hoodies) enter and make it all shady...always lookin to talk ish or steal some ish period.
~Dinner at Thai 101...w/Rach,Liat and Andy
~The Rockstar foots the bill..What a cool dude,really...thanks Andy.
~Late at night I head back to the city for a stroll..boring,and back to Brooklyn
~Back to Liats for the hospitality of a shared futon...sleep like a rock....ZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

~Tuesday:Shower w/ a strange towel..the rasta roomate i bet..my bag.
~Over to Rach's for breakfast..vegan sausage,gravy,arugula salad and wheat toast w/honey...yummy..yummy
~Meet up w/ James for Art-stomping through chelsea...hang with Jason the Personal Trainer, who's late to his appointment with "nice" asian girl.~Lunch in Grant Park(Times Square for New Yorkers)w/ Crispy soul chicken from Veggie Paradise..I love that place...OMG!
~Over to Janes Shoestore which is by far the craziest shoe obsessed place is ever been..
...Shoes all of them, wrapped in shrink wrap for that mint look, collectors have way too much money...1,250 dollars to 2,250 for the infamous Pigeon SB Dunk...I thought I was
gonna find this shoe...how naive, I really hate sneakers....really.
~Back to Union Square and over to Strand books...officially the best bookstore ever..im just sayin'....its official.
~Spent obscene (over a hundred bucks)amount of money on artbooks,gotta spend it on something...
~Dojo 's for last minute meal...cash only please...credit card is no good there....whatev.

~Wednesday:early day and off to the Whitney for the spectacular biennial..details later.
~But before that, take a stroll down to the Metropolitan Museum of Art For a small Kara Walker showing...I like that they let you take photos,otherwise I gotta get stealth on those slackers....
~Over to the NY Transit Museum for a small trinket for my love...metro card tote....
~6 train to N train to Astoria Blvd...M60bus to Laguardia...standby flight back to the Lovely Chi....if anyone can reccommend some low-key cool stuff to do, i think me and em are tryin to go back in august...im supposed to do a group showing in Massachusetts....Peace

.....at this point, im too lazy to post a new blog..ill mention that I walked around the whitney with the best director....Woody Allen & his stepdaughter turned wifey..Soon Mi....outrageously entertaining watching everyone flip out the moment woody passed by....Gotta love NY.

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